About Me

Image Hi, my name is Nitin Mistry. I live in Toronto with my wife and my two sons. I grew up in England but then got married and moved to Canada in 1992. I am a software architect in my day job and work on very large projects. However, I just love creating small software productivity applications that I need or find useful. Most of the products I create are because I could not find what I was looking for or that my wife requested it.

I think many people are concerned about identity theft but when it comes to managing their information, they are too trusting with the online services. There are many services online. Just search on Google for 'Contact Manager' and you will see a ton. But how do you know how secure your data is? How do they store that data? What about the employees? Are they trust worthy? So storing your private data online is just not worth the risk!

MiiContacts is actually two products in one. It has a built in Password Manager which helps you keep all your web site logins in one secure place. Many of us now have memberships to many online services - such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and the many online banks. Remembering all these user accounts and password can be a challenge and because of that, many of us use the same credentials on these sites. Just image someone was to discover your credentials. They could use it on all the sites you have membership accounts on. The built in Password Manager helps you keep all your user names and passwords in one place and secure.

I already have OneNote from Microsoft, but I found it to be way to complex and cumbersome to use. Yes it's fancy looking, but I just wanted to access my contact information quickly. That's the main reason I created MiiContacts. MiiContacts is simple to use, it's fast, can store and search 1000s of contacts - and you can learn it in less than 10 mins!

My Other Products

Below is a list of my other products.